RGC featured on the Cooking Channel's MAN FIRE FOOD

RGC featured on the Cooking Channel’s MAN FIRE FOOD

Full episode available soon online at Cooking Channel TV. Read episode summary and recipes here…Man Fire Food – Season 3


Carnivore’s Cookout in California – Episode Summary

“Roger cruises through central California for two spectacular, meat-filled cookouts. This area is home to many vineyards, but Paso de Record Vineyard in San Miguel has piqued Roger’s interest. The vineyard hosts wine release parties for its customers and serves barbecue prepared in a deep pit built in the picture-perfect property. Roger helps season 100 pounds of chuck roast and wraps them in burlap before setting them into the hot pit. In Santa Barbara, Roger visits a local caterer (Rodrigo Gimenez Cocinero) famous for creating an Argentine Asado. Roger helps prepare beef ribs, sausages and an assortment of vegetables for this ultimate meat-filled backyard barbecue.”